22 September 2023
CNUE Annual Report 2017

CNUE Annual Report 2017

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European Notarial Associations

The CNUE is proud to give administrative and logistical support to the various notarial organisations set up under its impetus, namely EUFides, Bartolus and the ENRWA. The CNUE organises and hosts these associations’ General Assemblies and Board meetings.

The European Network of Registers of Wills Association is an international non-profit association under Belgian law, created in 2005 by the Belgian, French and Slovenian notariats. The ENRWA works on the interconnection of registers of wills in Europe. Fifteen registers of wills are now interconnected thanks to the ENRWA. Each year the network registers more than 2000 queries and finds nearly 250 wills in a foreign register. In February 2017, the Maltese notariat became the 20th member of the ENRWA. Discussions then stated to allow interconnection with this notariat and the administration that manages the register of wills.


Bartolus is an AISBL under Belgian law that was founded in 2010, the founding members of which are the French, German, Italian and Spanish notariats. Bartolus seeks to:
  • implement services facilitating the movement of electronic documents, and particularly authentic instruments;
  • promote these services to the European notariats and conduct or commission the training of notaries and their staff so they adopt and use the products developed;
  • monitor technological and legal developments necessary for the creation, implementation and evolution of these services.
EUFides is a secure collaboration platform that facilitates cooperation between European notaries dealing with cross-border cases. EUFides was set up as an AISBL under Belgian law in January 2014 with the Belgian, French, Italian, Luxembourg and Spanish notariats as founding members. In 2016, EUFides welcomed the membership of two new members, the Dutch and German notariats. Originally designed to deal with cross-border real estate transactions, in the future EUFides will cover other areas of notarial competence. Succession files can already be dealt with, for example. Ultimately, use of the platform should extend to family law and company law.